A Breath of Fresh Air-Clean Energy in America

For years, America has relied on foreign oil and energy to maintain the economy and government. President Obama sees this as a threat to national security as well as detrimental to the economy. His plan to change that is to create a Clean Energy bill that proposes changes in all facets of the American standard of living and environment.

  • Creating The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was a step in the direction towards healthier living. The Act allocates about $80 billion towards clean energy research, finding new energy sources, advancing vehicle and fuel technology, and building a better electric grid.
  • There are stricter energy efficient standards on everyday appliances, as well as efficiency and emissions standards for vehicles.

One state that has been the forefront for research in clean energy is California, containing 12, 000 clean energy companies and 500,000 green jobs. Bill Clinton is one of the biggest advocates for the Clean Energy bill and feels, in addition to retrofitting buildings particularly in poorer neighborhoods, he wants a federal loan set up to ensure this could happen. The opposition believes it may too much to ask in a struggling economy and too high a risk but Clinton disagrees. The environment can improve by changing the way things are done, focusing on cities like Nevada that has much potential to be self-sufficient. Just by adding windmills and placing solar panels in the ceilings of hotels there is a start. These projects open the door for more jobs, especially in urban areas where everyone can get involved including kids who need summer or after school jobs.

The real research towards finding better sources for energy happens through the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy. Forbes stated last month that the government granted the agency $45 billion to fund the research, education, and science of clean energy for the next three years. Obama hopes by 2020, America will be living clean and green.

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