May 11, 2012

What did the Iraq war give US?

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What did the war on Iraq give the U.S? Did they discover the weapons of mass destruction. Or did they find Saddam Hussein in a hurry? Or did they by chance find Osama thinking he was hiding in Saddam’s palace?

As per public opinion the war on Iraq was a misadventure. America went to Iraq to save the world, but now it had to save its face. The shame it had brought to its people by the activities of its military were disturbing. People were not convinced by the killings of innocent people.

A lot of American lives were lost as well. Soldiers lost their lives not fulling knowing whom they’re fighting and for what purpose.
The Federal Government justified its actions stating that millions of people were freed from oppressive rule. Another thing was that a stable government was in Iraq was a stimulant for regional peace. But again, people ask, how is America concerned about peace in that region?

A lot of justifications are doing the rounds. The war on Iraq was supposedly looked at with great need by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Both countries have a cordial relationship with the U.S. Now given the penchant of U.S. to support its allies, this was no surprise. But would U.S do it without a purpose? Why is the U.S. not getting the scruff of rogue Pakistan which is snapping at the heels of America’s good friend India?

A lot of questions have to be answered, and a lot of questions are yet to be raised.

Coming home-the end of the Iraq War

War is never easy. Everyone is affected one way or another. Whether it’s the wife who only sees her husband once a year or every day citizens who take for granted how the soldiers are fighting for their freedom. The battle with Iraq is now entering its eigth year, and hopefully, final year.

When Obama first gained office, he made a promise to have thousands of US troops pulled out of Iraq by August 31, 2010 with the remainder of the troops coming home December 31, 2011. In a speech he gave at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina he stated, “By any measure, this has already been a long war. It is time to bring our troops home with the honor they have earned.” Motivational words that every American wants to hear but many don’t believe.There are a few things that have people doubting his claim.

  1. Obama still plans to leave 50,000 troops behind who are being called “support troops”. These troops will help reestablish a secure military in Iraq so the country will be strong enough to protect itself. At least, that’s the idea behind it.
  2. Though Obama states he will pull troops out of Iraq, there is no concrete mention of whether he will deploy more troops to Afghanistan. Last year August, twenty two soldiers were killed by insurgents in four days.
  3. There is no guarantee Iraq will end up better when all the U.S military is pulled out. If it isn’t, some people will wonder if there could have been another answer to the conflict instead of war.

The war with Iraq has wounded over 30,000 and killed more than 4,000 soldiers, the numbers growing more every week. Only time will tell if the plan set by Obama will be kept and if the soldiers will stay home or be sent out again.